Goose down ankle or leg warmers, only in Japan, obviously

Paula Co., Ltd has searched the world far and wide for the best goose down and found that it is called White Mother of Hungarian goose down.  And then decided to use that goose down in these classy leg warmers that go from just below the knee to below the ankle, or you can get the dedicated ankle warmers.  The breathable down is designed to pull moisture away from you while trapping in the heat so you stay toasty-warm.  And best of all, they’re machine-washable!

Senshukai Ltd starts accepting orders for New Years Hello Kitty Bento Box

If you’re planning to be in Japan for the new year and can’t get enough of Hello Kitty, now is the time to place your order for this 3-tier bento box, full of delicious sashimi and other food   that traditionally imparts good luck for the coming year.  And the best part is that it’s delivered in this beautifully decorated Hello Kitty bento box that will be a lasting reminder of your time in Japan.  Available in both 2-tier for 16,800 JPY or the full 3-tier for 21,800 JPY.  Call them 0120-03-1000 to place your order, but you might want to practice your Japanese before you call to ensure that you don’t accidentally order their Tone Balance slippers.

Elecom announces 2 new stylish PC bags for working women

Whether you like a casual canvas bag or a classy leather bag, Elecom has what you’re looking for.  These bags are designed to be durable and protect your PC form bumps and scratches.  With a variety of colors to choose from, they’re capable of easily accommodating a 13.3″ PC (or tablet) or an A4 binder to keep your proposal safe and sound.

Stylish Elecom gloves offer seamless touchscreen manipulation

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone-compatible gloves but Elecom has finally done it right.  With 6 different models, there’s one to suite almost any style.  Men can choose from a classic snowflake design, motorcycle, or a stylish glove suitable for a cold night out with some clients.  Women have the option of a white, nordic design, fur-lined or a simple black.  


Instax 8 Series from Fuji Film targets women with new colors and instant airbrush

Fuji Film has announced an update to its 7S line of Instax instant cameras.  Keeping basically the same form factor, the new model includes a real-image viewfinder and better options to control images taken in light and dark environments.  In addition to black and white, blue, pink and yellow will also be available (all in pastel shades).  Set for release in November.

Japanese designer uses satellite imagery of Earth as bag design

Designed by Yoshikazu Yamagata, these leather bags are handmade to give them a soft feeling.  The vibrancy of the colors and the level of discernible detail are both remarkable, especially on the over-sized large Earth bag.