New iPhone case looks like a rice cracker…tastes like a rice cracker

Leave it to the Japanese to release the world’s first edible iPhone case made from a rice cracker.  Ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that rice crackers are not typically known for their durability, the ‘Survival case’ can either be eaten or used as a starter for a roaring fire (after the iPhone is removed, of course) if the need arises.

Available at Gizmine.

JVC LS2, with 10x zoom, includes wireless controls via app

Along with the newly announced LS1 with 4x zoom, JVC also announced a world first with their LS2.  Installing an app on your iPhone, Android device or PC, you can wirelessly adjust the tilt and pan of the camera both quietly and quickly so as not to disturb your subject.  Expected availability is late September but pricing is not yet released.

Casio announces iPhone-compatible Bluetooth G-Shock watches

The G-Shock 2 series from Casio includes Bluetooth 4.0 and a variety of features designed to enhance the communication between your watch and iPhone.  In addition to simple alerts on the phone to indicate an incoming call, the watch will automatically update the time based on the phone settings.  Available in a variety of colors, the G-Shock 2 will be available starting in October but we’re still anxiously waiting to find out if the app will be available from the US iTunes Store.

Sanwa releases iPhone 4S Wireless HDMI Adapter

With a range of 10 meters, Sanwa’s new Wireless HDMI Adapter allows you to mirror your  iPhone to your TV from across the room.  Great for professional presentations, sharing recent photos with your family or just showing a funny video to your friends.  The transmitter is only 64 × 138 × 21mm and the receiver is 96 × 148 × 20mm with an expected run time of 3 hours on a single charge.

Add design to your photos with the Art Penlight from Takara Tomy

Lite pen drawings have been around for a while by setting an SLR camera for a long exposure (along with some other advanced settings) and using a flashlight or penlight to draw images.  But Takara Tomy has opened that world up to anyone with an iDevice and their new Art Penlight.  Each of the 3 color options of Cyan (C), Magenta (M), and Yellow (Y) have 8 gradient levels giving you a total of 27 colors to choose from.

Sanwa announces portable chargers with large capacity and faster charging times

Sanwa has announced 4 beautifully designed slim chargers that are compatible with iPhone and iPad and any tablets or smartphone capable of charging through microUSB.  With a capacity of 5600mAh and an output of 2.1A it will not only power your device 2-3 times, it’ll charge it faster than most other portable chargers.  And with 4 possible colors and the stylish design, it’ll look much better in the process. .

Car mount for iPhone doubles as a stand for your iPad

In a stroke of creative genius, Sanwa has created what looks at first glance like a simple suction-mount for your iPhone.  But flip it around and attach the suction to the back of your iPad and it instantly turns in to a stand.  The ball-mount guarantees a full range of motion so your phone can be connected either vertically or horizontally  

COLOCOLO Is The Lint Roller For Your Tablet

The COLOCOLO, which is set for a release date of September 28th in Japan only, has the familiar shape of a lint roller but it’s designed to keep the touchscreen on your tablet dust and fingerprint free.  Color options include Black, White and Pink and just like your lint roller, it comes with a spool of detachable sheets.

Available at Gizmine.