Elecom enters the PC-glasses market with 4 styles

With the wide variety of tablets, PC’s and cell phones, more research has been focused on the damaging effects that this constant exposure has on the eyes.  Touted as PC-glasses for their ability to cut as much as 50% of the blue-light radiated from PC monitors, these 4 new frames from Elecom are sure to fit almost any style.

Senshukai Ltd starts accepting orders for New Years Hello Kitty Bento Box

If you’re planning to be in Japan for the new year and can’t get enough of Hello Kitty, now is the time to place your order for this 3-tier bento box, full of delicious sashimi and other food   that traditionally imparts good luck for the coming year.  And the best part is that it’s delivered in this beautifully decorated Hello Kitty bento box that will be a lasting reminder of your time in Japan.  Available in both 2-tier for 16,800 JPY or the full 3-tier for 21,800 JPY.  Call them 0120-03-1000 to place your order, but you might want to practice your Japanese before you call to ensure that you don’t accidentally order their Tone Balance slippers.

Belly Button Sesame Mixer – It’s Not What You Think

Leave it to Japan to improve on a task that you probably thought you had mastered.  By assigning the term ‘the forgotten orifice’ to the belly button, product maker Sosu has given this unlikely anti-hero just the right amount of sympathy to make it appealing.  Just apply a dot of the supplied gel to the tip of the swab and after a quick run through your belly button, you’ll be ready to dole out the body shots with reckless abandon.  And in case you’re wondering how in the world they came up with this name, having sesame seeds in your belly button is slang for belly button lint.  Yeah, I knew that….

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light And Look Sweet At The Same Time

Even if you don’t call yourself a hacker, this new release from the JINS PC Glasses line is designed to protect your eyes with a stylish uni-lens and paper-thin red frame to ensure that none of that sneaky blue light gets past them.  They’ll be available in limited quantities starting July 2nd so place your order now at Gizmine.  If red-and-black is not your thing, JINS also makes a similar PC glasses in a variety of colors.