New iPhone case looks like a rice cracker…tastes like a rice cracker

Leave it to the Japanese to release the world’s first edible iPhone case made from a rice cracker.  Ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that rice crackers are not typically known for their durability, the ‘Survival case’ can either be eaten or used as a starter for a roaring fire (after the iPhone is removed, of course) if the need arises.

Available at Gizmine.

New doll laughs when you open the zipper/mouth

Unlike most of my friends who cry from shame when their zipper is down, this cute new plush animal from Japanese toy giant Takara Tomy can’t help itself from laughing.  It even adjusts the level of laughter based on how widely the zipper is open, including a muffled laugh when the zipper is closed.

Click here to see a video of them in action.

Email if you’d like to purchase one.


Elecom enters the PC-glasses market with 4 styles

With the wide variety of tablets, PC’s and cell phones, more research has been focused on the damaging effects that this constant exposure has on the eyes.  Touted as PC-glasses for their ability to cut as much as 50% of the blue-light radiated from PC monitors, these 4 new frames from Elecom are sure to fit almost any style.

Space Ball floats softly, safely through the air

RC helicopters are cool but I’m too worried about breaking a rotor to spend the money on one.  If you’re like me, then the Space Ball might be just what you’ve been waiting for.  The dual-rotor and gyroscope make sure that it’s always upright and the spherical, resin frame protect the blades from walls and children’s fingers so it’s a safe way to have fun indoors.  It also has a flashing LED to really set the party off and as an unexpected feature, there’s an insert near the base where a pad soaked in your favorite fragrance can be inserted to quickly freshen up all corners of the room.

Here’s a shot with the fragrance pads attached:

And here’s the LED:

Goose down ankle or leg warmers, only in Japan, obviously

Paula Co., Ltd has searched the world far and wide for the best goose down and found that it is called White Mother of Hungarian goose down.  And then decided to use that goose down in these classy leg warmers that go from just below the knee to below the ankle, or you can get the dedicated ankle warmers.  The breathable down is designed to pull moisture away from you while trapping in the heat so you stay toasty-warm.  And best of all, they’re machine-washable!

Chobi is at it again with their ‘block’ camera

Available in a green, orange and red, the Chobi Cam Block is is reminiscent of your favorite stack-able childhood toy (besides Lincoln Logs).  The goal of this camera was to make something so cute and endearing that you would automatically smile when you see, thereby producing great photos.  The Chobi Cam Block is compatible with SDHC and is capable of capturing both full color or monochrome pictures and video.  Easily connect it to your PC with a USB to mini USB cable and access the contents like an external hard drive.  It’s so simple and easy to use, even your kids can try their hand at taking snapshots without you having to worry about them dropping your own camera.

Star Wars glasses might be the coolest thing I’ve seen in months

I, for one, have been bubbling with joy since stumbling across these beautifully crafted Star Wars glasses in 5 styles (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett).   The subtle design features let you show your true colors, regardless of your setting.  And when you pass another Star Wars fan on the street, you can nod in acknowledgement that you know whose side they’re on (or give them the stink-eye if their allegiance is to the dark side).  May the force be with you…is written on the inside cover of the case for an extra touch.

Available at Gizmine.


Leave a personalized memo with this tiny recorder from Sanwa

Instead of taking the time to write out a note for a friend or loved one, just record a short clip of yourself, up to 30 seconds, and make it more personal.  With a 1.77″ display, the PFS-AT177 has a blue LED that will blink when a message is waiting and also includes the ability to play the video on your PC.


Full digital Clarion ZP1 portable speaker has built-in solar panel

Enjoy up to 30 hours of continuous playback on a full charge or approximately 1 hour for every 3 hours of solar charge.  The stylish, thin design makes it easy to take with you to the kitchen, veranda or bathroom to experience full digital sound.  Use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or mobile device simply and easily from up to 10 meters away.  Available from December.

Buffalo announces web camera with a glass lens to capture images with beautiful clarity

In other camera news, Buffalo has announced the BSW20K10 in your choice of red, white or black with a glass lens.  Able to record video at a resolution of 1280.x 720 at 30 frames per second, it’s also ideal for streaming directly to a site.  Includes an over-the-ear hook style of headphones for clear voice or video chat sessions.